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Who's The Daddy Now? - Ding Dong

Carter USM

Who's The Daddy Now? - Ding Dong


Who's The Daddy Now? - Ding Dong

3.00 8.00

Recorded live during the first two Daddy tours in September / December 2001

Invisibles 1. Dipsomaniac 2. Hexcial Head
Abdoujaparov 3. Aren't We All? 4. Shut Up! 5. Maria's Umbrella
Jim's Super Stereoworld 6. A Big Flash car On A Saturday Night 7. Young And Dumb And Full Of Fun 8. You're My Mate
Who's The Daddy Now? 9. Daddy Intro 10. Surfin' USM 11. The Beeper Song 12. Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss 13. Daddy Christmas 14. The Only Living Boy In New Cross 15. Sheriff Fatman 16. Bloodsport For All 17. G I Blues

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